Is A Lifeline AS645 Autosock the Same As An AS645 AutoSock?

Is A Lifeline AS645 Autosock the Same As An AS645 AutoSock?

There seems to be confusing between AutoSocks and Lifeline AS645 AutoSocks. However, it is a confusion that really should not exist at all. The truth is that Lifeline AutoSocks and regular AutoSocks are exactly the same. The confusion seems to stem from Amazon's listings. Someone, at some company, started a listing and inaccurately listed AutoSocks are a product of Lifeline. However, Lifeline, for the most part, sells fitness equipment. They do not really venture too far outside that field except for a few outdoors products. It does not make sense that they would have produced or sell AutoSocks because they are far outside of their normal product space. However, that is not to say that AutoSocks is a bad product, it is just a product that would not normally be carried by that company. It would be akin to Nike suddenly selling camping tents. They could do that and it would somewhat make sense. Yet, it is not something they are probably going to do because it is not consistent with their current brand image.

What does this mean for you? If you go searching for AutoSocks then you might have trouble finding the right AutoSock because you may not know that Lifeline AutoSocks and regular AutoSocks are the same product. You may venture all over the internet to find the product and end up empty-handed. It does not help you and it does not help us who are trying to help you find the product you need so we can supply it to you. It is one of those situations that we have talked previously here on the website. The way that you, the customer, talk about something may be vastly different than we, the supplier, talk about the same thing. The internet is broken down into keywords and searching for a keyword is supposed to bring up relevant content to what you asked for, however, if you are asking for LIfeline AutoSocks and we supply AutoSocks without mentioning Lifeline then we both might have a problem. What is even worse is that if a large number of people skip a page because it does not say, "Lifeline" then the search engine will take that as a hint that the website is not relevant for that search. It drops that page down further in the search results because the search engines only want to deliver relevant results to a searcher. Basically, the product you actually want gets farther and farther away from you because no one realizes that Lifeline AutoSocks and AutoSocks are the same product. There is nothing different between the two AutoSocks.

What is the solution to the problem?

We, personally, believe that none of the blame belongs to the searcher. It is up to us, the companies, to figure out what you are searching for and try to provide the answer to that question going on your head. Of course, the internet is somewhat of a one-way interaction. Yet, that is where the competitive advantage comes into play. The company that understands what your hopes, needs, and fears better than the others is probably going to win. We, as companies, need to understand what you are looking for such as Lifeline AS645 AutoSocks. We need to tell you that these are the same items by using the same terms as you use. We need to help you get the product you need when you want it.

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