Is Genuine GM Touch-Up Paint the Same as OEM?

Genuine vs OEM

What is the difference between genuine GM touch-up paint and OEM? The answer to this question is that there is no difference between genuine and OEM. OEM can be interchanged with genuine or used in combination with the word. If you are looking for genuine parts then you are searching for OEM parts without realizing that you are looking for OEM paints. OEM means that the original equipment manufacturer is the one supplying the part to you. Most people think that means that the vehicle manufacturer, or GM in this case, is the one who made the paint. However, it is not always true but it is sometimes true depending on what part we are talking about when you talk about OEM parts or paints. OEM means, in the automobile industry, that the company that made the paint for GM when they produced the car is the one who is going to supply the paint to you. 

Cadillac SUV

Aftermarket vs Genuine

If you are searching for genuine paints then the one thing you are not searching for is aftermarket paints. Aftermarket paints are not made by GM or the companies they use when they order paint to use on your car. It is about as far from genuine as you can get. The quality of this paint and vary wildly from company to company. It really depends on how reputable the aftermarket paint wants to be when compared with the paint that is was used on your car, truck, or SUV when it was first built.The quality could be very high or very low it really depends on the standards that the aftermarket paint places on itself. It could be good or it could be bad it is hard to tell until the part is in the vehicle. 

Pontiac G5

It is probably your best bet to use genuine OEM GM touch-up paint if you need to fix scratches or chips. You know that the paint will be the same color and the same quality. We have talked about how standardization is a great thing for you as a consumer and it still applies here. You want the paint to look the same as the previous paint that was used on the car. Aftermarket paint could do that but it is less likely since they are not necessarily held the same standards as OEM genuine paint. 

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The final answer is that if you are looking for genuine touch-up paint then you are looking for genuine OEM GM touch-up paint. It is the same paint they used when they produced your car off the line. It has the same quality and the same color as the original paint on your car, truck, or SUV. You do not need to worry if it will be mismatched or off. All you have to worry about is applying it correctly and getting it to dry without any problems. If you can do that then you can maintain the value in your vehicle for a long period of time.

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