"Is There A Trailering Camera System Available for the Silverado"

"Is There A Trailering Camera System Available for the Silverado?"

Quick Answer:

Yes. There is a trailering camera system available for a Silverado. However, it really depends on what kind of mirrors you have on your vehicle. If you have the standard mirror then you are looking for 19355213. If you have a GM trailering extension mirror then you are looking for 1953504. Experience tells us that the latter is far more common if you own a Silverado. It is highly likely that is the one you need if you are visiting the site looking for one to own. 

The above is a question that we field often and though it might seem like this is an obvious answer the true answer is not as easily answered. The problem is and the reason why people have some trouble finding the official trailering camera system for a Silverado is that it is not made by GM/Chevrolet. Echomaster has the official trailering camera that is recommended by GM. Therefore, it can be confusing when looking for the OEM trailering camera because Echomaster, technically, is the OEM model. They produce two of them and they are mentioned above. They are 1953504 and 19355213.

If the Product is Developed and Produced by Echomaster then who carries the warranty for my part?

Echomaster actually services the warranty as it is their warranty on the part. 

Does that mean that GM or Chevrolet has no part in it?

Officially, no. However, we can say that we have worked with Echomaster in the past with a customer who had a defective trailering camera system. They were easy to deal with and it was a relatively quick and easy job to handle. For your information, we are somewhat involved because the process goes like this, or at least, it did the last time. You contact Echomaster with the problem. They contact us. They send the part to us and we send the part to you. We are somewhat involved once the process is started and we can help you if you purchased through us but they ask us to ask you to call them. Honestly, that is the extent of our involvement in the process other than sending you your new part when it arrives at our store.

Trailering Extension Mirror for Silverado 1500/HD Models - 1953504

Trailering Extension Mirror for Silverado 1500/HD Models with standard side view mirrors - 19355213