Is There A Way To Have Two Ball Hitches?

Ball hitches are great things but the thing about doing any kind of towing is that your ball hitch diameter does not change but what you hall with you just might change. There is no telling what hook up you might need to haul something away or with you. it is in those moments that it would make sense to have two ball hitches so that you can cover most of the loads you might carry. Unfortunately, ball hitch set ups are not made to do this very well. You usually only get the space for one ball hitch and you have to hope that everything you encounter accepts that size of a hitch and that the ball hitch will be sufficient enough to hold securely in the spot that you need it to hold. If these sounds like an impossible task then you are right.

Of course, this problem has been bothering people for a very long time and there has not been a good solution. the good news is that developed an answer for just this situation. The answer, of course, is why not have two ball hitches instead of one. A manufacturer now makes an 180-degree ball hitch that allows you to carry two hitches instead of one. We all know the old cliche of how two heads are better than one and it certainly applies to this area as well. You can expand the possibility that you will have the correct hitch for a job by having two of them instead of one. It gets even better when you.know that you need two different hitches to complete a job and you can preload them right into your 180-degree hitch. You will be able to get work done faster and you will get back to doing things you love quicker.

Even if you do not know that you need both hitches it is a great thing to know that you could use both of them if you really need to do so. You never know what tomorrow might bring and what you might have to do during an emergency so being as prepared as you can be for anything is a good idea. You want to have all your pieces in place before you need them. You might just need another ball hitch to get something important done quickly.

If you have ever wished you could have two ball hitches in one then you should seriously consider getting one of these 180-degree hitches for your vehicle. You will be prepared, you will get work done faster, and you will have fewer headaches when it comes to figuring out how to haul something away because you might just have the right ball hitch attached for the task at hand. Switching between the two hitches is a breeze and only requires you to rotate the hitch 180 degrees. What could be easier than that?

Get your own 180 degree hitch by clicking this link and finding the right one or ones for you. You can also see the rest of the Weigh Safe line there as well. Please note that the 180 degree hitches and ball hitches are have the numbers 180 in their name.