"It's Like a Rocket on Wheels at that Point."

"I've never seen anything like this," Padden said. "It's like a rocket on wheels at that point." (Mullen, 2018, "Chevy Camaro driver pulled over going 171 mph on Highway 61.")

The dream of any driver, especially those with sports cars or muscle cars, is to drive really fast on the open road. Someone did in their Chevy Camaro. Of course, he has to face the consequences of those actions but he fulfilled the dreams of many Corvette and Camaro owners out there. The point is that someone did it out there and you do not have to prove to yourself how fast your car can go. It seems the only thing left is to make your car look like it could go that fast, in actuality, you probably could get the parts and accessories to make your car go faster. However, true skill is in making your car look fast when it is not moving. It is impressive to show speed when you are moving it is a whole another thing to show speed when you are not moving.

Everyone can admit that Corvettes and Camaros look fast. it just is how they are designed. However, you can make your car stand out from all others by accessorizing it properly. We talk about this a lot here but the first stage of Corvette and Camaro ownership is impressing the regular person. Once you start noticing other cars like yours with pieces that you do not have then you are welcomed to the second stage of ownership which is impressing everyone else who already has the car with your own. The trick is to look, "like a rocket on wheels" as eloquently spoken above. 

If you are going to be a rocket then you need wings. If you are talking about car wings then you are talking about spoilers. The first thing anyone thinks about when they upgrade their car for cosmetic reasons is adding a spoiler. Obviously, there are real scientific reasons for adding spoilers, but most everyone thinks about the look of the spoiler. The look adds the connotation of, "yes, this vehicle can and will go fast." One of the things that the Camaro owner probably did not think about as he flew down the highway at 171 mph is a wicker bill spoiler. A wicker bill spoiler is interesting because it is a flap that points up which would seem counter-intuitive when thinking about speed. In fact, other racers who saw the design and did not understand it pointed theirs down. it was the wrong design. A wicker bill spoiler adds speed because it increases traction through the air and allows the driver to make better turns. Of course, you need enough weight in the front of the vehicle so that you do not get under-steering, but the manufacturers of your vehicle have already thought about that for you.  

A nice racing stripe or Jake logo, for you Corvette owners, can also help implying the speed you are capable of achieving if you really wanted to do so. You can have those people imagining what your car would look like with that stripe passing them by at a high speed. You can make them jealous of your car which any owner of a muscle car or sports car delights in any way. You also get to stand out from the crowd of stock looking cars. Individuality is important and you get to choose all the accessories for your car. You get to be creative and you get to be in control of how your car looks when it is parked or just driving through the neighborhood.

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Source: Mullen, Mike. "Chevy Camaro Driver Pulled over Going 171 Mph on Highway 61." City Pages. CityPages, 12 Apr. 2016. Web. 12 Apr. 2016.