Jake Corvette Racing Logo

Every Corvette owner is somewhat interested in the racing team. it is just like when you went to high school if you were a part of a school then you were probably roped into at least wanting the team to beat other teams. Your buy into team Corvette happened when you bought your own Corvette. You have probably at least hope or wish that the Corvette team does well in races because that enhances the value and the prestige of your car. Everyone wants to be a part of a winning team and your ownership makes you a bit more likely to cheer for team Corvette than any other team.

One of the things you may have noticed about the racing team is their mascot or their decals. They call the mascot Jake and the decal is named after the mascot too. It looks like a skull with a Corvette signal for eyes. If you have noticed him before then you probably know that he makes a great logo.

You can get your own Jake Corvette racing logo on a variety of different products like emblems, Hood decals, armrests, and much more. However, if you want to make an impact then you want one of these logos in your car or somewhere on your car. It grabs attention right away because it obviously implies that the person riding in the car is serious about their speed and their car. it is hard to ignore this logo. 

You may never race but, at least, you can have the racing emblem on your car. You can have the slick logos of the pros without having to do all the training or the thousands of dollars spent preparing a car and the team for races. You get to stay home and have a great car with cool logos that impress the regular folk and other Corvette owners too. 

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