Keeping Your Traction During The Cold Tacoma Winters

Have you ever thought about getting an emergency traction device? If you have not then maybe you should. The winter of 2016-2017 snuck up on everyone. It was not that we were not expecting it. The storm was reported on at length and we all knew it was supposedly coming. What no one was prepared for fast winter would arrive. The streets in some areas went from completely dry to slick in a matter of ten minutes. Past experience was not a help in these situations either. Most people looked at the snow as it started to fall and figured that they had ample amount of time before it would start sticking to the ground and becoming a problem. The thought process was wrong and people all over, including people in Tacoma, Washington, found themselves navigating through a very slippery road surface. Some people even found themselves stranded. Some of those people were even stranded from their home in a frustratingly close manner or ten miles from home or less.

The speed of the winter freeze over or snow over is what took everyone by surprise. Most people thought that they would have time to get home and install their traction device. However, that was not the case. People needed that traction device in their car and they needed to use that device quickly. Unfortunately, if you are like most people then you probably rush out the door for work in the morning. Chains or cables can be super difficult to take with you if you are in a hurry because of the sheer weight. It is the reason that most people do not travel with chains or cables. It is a hassle to get in the car. We only really do it if we have to do it. The Tacoma winter of 2016-2017 was very deceptive because if you left at the right time then you could have avoided the snow altogether. But, the difference of 5 to 10 minutes meant that you were going to be facing snow on the roads with extremely slippery conditions. It is exactly at these kinds of moments where you should have an emergency traction device. The faster you can put the device on your vehicle the sooner you can get home and get out of the weather especially when the snow or ice is a situation like the one from 2016-2017. Every moment counts because every passing minute makes the trek more and more dangerous.

An AutoSock is light and is made of fabric. The latter of those two statements may not seem like much however that distinction makes it much easier to use and carry than regular chains or cables. Chains and/or cables are made of harder materials that are heavier and they do not easily press down under the weight of something you place on top of them. Ultimately that means that chains and cables take up more room in the car. Chains and cables are also more of a hassle to put in the vehicle when you are in a hurry. The last thing you want to do is waste more time when you are already rushing to work especially if you think that conditions might be slick on those hills in Tacoma.You might need that extra time to allow for other people's slower driving or your own because safety always comes first. You can, literally, pick up the AutoSock with one hand, open the trunk with the other and throw it in the car. The product is fabric so you will not damage anything in your trunk or the AutoSock itself. It is just that fast and easy.

Get Your Own AutoSock and Flourish During the Cold Season of Winter.

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