Luke Records - Trunk Monkey Parts Testimonial

I want to say up front, that the restoration of this vehicle would not have been possible without the help of the awesome people on this forum, my wonderful wife, and my father. I especially want to thank Trunk Monkey Parts.

I bought over $15,700 worth of parts for this car, and they were the only outfit that treated me right 100% of the time. I simply cannot say enough about the quality of their character and the helpfulness of their staff. FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. bust up expensive parts constantly, just for fun, and they never ever pay out, even if you bought insurance.

You need to be dealing with someone you can trust.

Hello all, I'd like to submit my entry for "Most heavily damaged C7 to ever be revived.

We've been a Corvette family since my dad picked up his 66 convertible in 1972. It was hit by a tornado in 1991 and I spent my high school years learning to work on cars by restoring it. The C6 never did anything for me, so I wasn't even tuned in enough to know the C7 was coming when a co-worker showed it too me the day GM debuted it. I remember thinking "that's the most beautiful car I have ever seen" and "I have to find a way to get one." Since I promised myself that I'd never take out a loan on a car, that left me in a bit of a pickle. In Spring 2016, I finally had enough cash on hand to complete the project and I found this beautiful little 2015 Coupe 3LT with every option I wanted. My wife let me buy it 2 weeks before our first child was born. I was able to contact the previous owner with an address I found inside the car and we have been in contact ever since. He was stopped at a light when he was hit from behind. The car jumped a median and was hit by oncoming traffic. Being an incredibly awesome guy, he sent me the original sticker, all the paperwork from when he ordered it, a set of stingray floor mats, and the spare key. All for free (gotta love that corvette community).

So, that brings us to today. Approximately a year and one week later. Total cost of the project was $34,317. I know there's a lot of debate to be had about salvage cars, but I now know every nook and crannie of this car, I know all the work was done the right way, and you couldn't pry it away from me even if you offered me MSRP. I don't have any desire to add fancy or anything else, I've got a connection with this car and I love it just the way it is.

It's going to take me a long while, but I took 197 pictures, and I plan to post how-to articles for most of the stuff I had to do. I'm also headed to Bowling Green on Monday to catch what is probably one of the last C7 factory tours. I feel like the tour will mean a lot more to me since I had to build 3/4 of this thing myself.