Man Needs Your Help Finding Late Brother's Unique Corvette

A man needs your help finding his brother's unique Corvette. The brother has since passed away and the Corvette has since disappeared into the ether. The brother would like to recover it and you can help. 

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Key Takeaways:

1. Two brothers took care of a Corvette together.

2. The brother who did not own the car formed a bond with the Corvette who now regards it as a part of his late brother.

3. The surviving brother needs your help to locate this vehicle.

Quote: "The family yearns to have the car back in their possession and says any help, tips or leads would be appreciated. To make matters more difficult, the only picture of the car is what’s posted here. The family does not know the VIN, either. Peter can be contacted directly at" (Szymkowski, 2017)

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