McLaren Keeps It Old School - Not Interested in EV Future

The head of has admitted that McLaren intends on keeping It Old School and is not Interested in an EV Future. The article below states that they will produce hybrids in the future but will not make an all-electric vehicle. Part of the problem is that electric vehicles do not produce the same sound that most speed lovers crave. The other problem is that the batteries are heavy and have to be accounted for when making the vehicle.

Key Takeaways:

1. The head of McLaren has admitted that they are not keeping up with the advanced of EV vehicles.

2. The article states that McLaren will make hybrid vehicles but has no plans of making a fully electric vehicle.

3. The article states that the big problem, other than the noise reduction, is that the weight of the batteries is too large.

Quote: "What’s more, the taciturn South African said that while half of McLaren’s fleet will be hybrid in four years’ time, the company will not produce an all-electric car in the foreseeable future. Not even a halo car or a conceptual design exercise." (Elliot, 2018)

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