Meticulously Maintained 1967 Corvette Hits Auction Blocks

A Vietnam veteran's beloved 1967 Corvette is heading to auction. The amazing thing about this vehicle is how carefully the owner took care of the vehicle. The owner did not park it in the sun, refused to drive it in the rain, and noted every time he started the vehicle. He also noted the RPM's. Finally, the vehicle has 8,533 miles and has not been driven over 15 miles in the last 15 years. 

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Key Takeaways:

1. A 1967 Corvette is heading to auction.

2. The Corvette is immaculately maintained.

3. It was owned by a Vietnam veteran who was very careful about the car and it has only been used to drive 15 miles in the last 15 years.

Quote: "He kept diaries of its use where he logged each time he started it and the RPMs he hit. He never drove it in the rain. He refused to park it in the sun. He even instructed his five children not to talk to anyone about the car out of fear it would be stolen." (Mack, 2017)

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