Molded Splash Guards vs Mud Flaps - Which is the Right One For Me?

Are Molded Splash Guards different than Mud Flaps - What Do I Need?

Mud flaps and molded splash guards are the same things. If you buy one then you are functionally buying the other. They both protect your automobile from the debris of the road as you drive along. They both maintain the value of your vehicle over time which is a great thing when it comes time to trade in, pass the vehicle down to the next person, or sell it outright for cash.  If you are worried about the difference between the two then you can rest assured that they are functionally the same and buying one is not going to preclude you from any benefits of having the other. 

What Do They Do

Molded splash guards are a great invention and they catch attention as well. The truth is that not everyone has them but everyone probably should have them. They help keep your vehicle protected against a whole bunch of possible damage. What damage? The damage that could possibly come from debris on the road. The simple act of driving can kick up dirt, stones, and other things that and scratch and chip your vehicle's paint. The flaps take the damage instead and your vehicle is left with a greater value than it would have had if it did not have the molded splash guards.

They also help keep the debris from striking the vehicle who might be immediately behind you. If you have a loved one or a friend behind you then it might be nice to know that you are not going to strike their vehicle with an errant rock or some other piece of debris. Your friend will thank you, your family will thank you, and you could cause far fewer accidents because driving behind you will be that much safer for the people behind you. 

Another thing that most people do not know that splash guards/mud flaps assist in is the overall safety of the driver and any passengers. If mud, dirt, stones, liquids, get into the rocker panel areas of your vehicle then they can corrode and erode those areas. The problem with that is that your vehicle depends on that area to help keep you and your passengers secure. The rocker panels help create an anti-crumple zone and those rocker panels should be as protected as possible. The rocker panels are an integral part of the structural plan and strength of the passenger cab.  The passenger cab means the area where the driver and the passengers sit. If you are interested in protecting your family and yourself then you want these mud flaps or splash guards on your side.


Is it going to fit your vehicle? Your best bet is to get OEM parts for your vehicle. OEM parts are the same parts you would have received if you bought it straight off the lot with the molded splash guard installed. They have the same standards and they have the same quality as those vehicles with them already installed. They were built by the vehicle manufacturer or the company that the vehicle manufacturer used to supply when they built the vehicle.


What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket? Aftermarket part manufacturers do not have a relationship with the vehicle manufacturer, therefore, they do not have to follow the standards set forth by the automobile manufacturer. They set their own standards and those standards could make the product better or worse. It is dependent on the part manufacturer and their standards will dictate how successful your vehicle will be at keeping the molded splashed guards in place or how long you will be able to keep them before they stop working as intended.  

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