More Details about the Corvette Carbon 65

New details about the Corvette Carbon 65 have come to light. There will only be 650 of this particular vehicle will be produced. Only 500 of those vehicles will remain Stateside as the rest are slated to head overseas. It also means that not every Chevrolet dealership will actually have one in stock as there are over 3,000 Chevrolet dealers. We also know that the price tag of one of these vehicles will be between 80k to 100k depending on which style the consumer chooses.  

Key Takeaways:

1. Only 650 Corvette Carbon 65's will be produced.

2. 150 of those Corvette Carbon 65's will be shipped overseas.

3. The car will cost between 80k to 100k.

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Quote: "The price range of the Carbon 65 will start at $81,490 for the Grand Sport hardtop up to $99,490 for the Z06 convertible. Not cheap, but an incredible performance bargain keeping in line with the Corvette’s proud 65-year tradition." (Brandt, 2017)

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