National Corvette Museum Parties All Night for Le Man's and You Are Invited

The National Corvette Museum is one of three locations to get a 24 hour feed of Le Man's with no commercials. The other two locations are Berlin, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. Visitors will get the show and also special access to events planned just for the occasion.

Key Takeaways:

1. The National Corvette Museum has decided to host a 24 hour party during the Le Man's race.

2. The race will be shown free of commercials.

3. It is one of three locations to get the feed. The others being Germany and Japan. .France, of course will also be carrying the feed.

Quote: "Aside from witnessing the world's most popular endurance race on the Chevrolet Theater's 28-foot screen, enthusiasts will enjoy special access to museum exhibits, meals, and memorabilia giveaways while the racing action unfolds across the pond." (Perez, 2018)

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