New Weigh Safe 3-Inch Hitches

If you have not heard the latest buzz on the street then you should know that the latest buzz, as it relates to hitches, is Weigh Safe's 3-inch hitches. They are not just hitches either. The Weigh Safe hitches are special because they have a built-in scale or they can be flipped 180 degrees so that another ball of a different size can be used in the hitch instead. Regular hitches do have these features and that is why there is a lot of excitement and talk about these new hitches.

The truth is that many truck owners who are in need of a 3-inch hitch have been waiting for this development for quite some time. They have had to buy other hitches in the interim but have had their eye on this item all the long. Why? If you can get extra functionality out of a product then why not get that functionality or making a trip much safer by doing the same things you are already doing then why would you want to not have that capability. Weigh Safe hitches make easier to weigh your cargo or they make it so that you can adjust your hitch your current needs to a certain point, keeping in mind that the 180-degree hitches are affixed on delivery. You cannot change the ball size yourself. It is predetermined by the manufacturer.

Knowing the weight of your cargo is a huge detail in towing. You always need to know how much weight it is you are carrying because of your towing capacity. Keeping your cargo in the optimal range of weight is essential to towing safely not only for you but your passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. Many people try to ignore the whole weight issue but they are risking a major accident because the truth is that weighing your cargo is not an easy thing to do. Most of the time weighing your cargo involves making something that is hard to understand and make if you have not done it before. It also depends on the weight of your cargo being under the allowable weight of a bathroom scale. Obviously, that one fact can be a major dampener on carrying items you might need for your trip. Most people would rather take more equipment but that weight restriction might be a problem. The other thing a person could do is go to a place where they have an industrial size or strength scale. Of course, that means that you will have to drive to one of those places with the cargo which means that you will have to drive without knowing if you are over the limit or under the limit. However, you might have already known that because you are looking for a 3-inch hitch already and it is more than likely that you already had to do this now.