Transparent Tinted Removable Roof Panel Top Corvette C7 OEM - GM (84141731)

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  • 84141731
  • Transparent Tinted Removable Roof Panel Top Corvette C7 OEM
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Product Details

  • Panel Pkg
  • Corvette Tinted Removable Transparent Top Roof Panel

    Please note that this part number has changed to: 84355035. You can still order this number but you will receive the other part number. It is the same transparent top but a different number. Click here to see the new listing.

    One of the best things to do is to look up in middle the rain and watch the rain hit your roof.

    You cannot do that with any other rooftop except this C7 Corvette transparent panel. 84141731 adds a whole new level of appeal to your car. Again, many people will avoid this upgrade because it looks like it is a lot of work. However, it really is not hard to install. Do not let the idea of it being on top of your Corvette scare you away. An upgrade to your Corvette such as the one 84141731 can bring you a lot more enjoyment out of your vehicle than you previously thought possible. Not only that but the regular populace will notice that your Corvette is different than all the rest of them. All because you got yourself a transparent tinted removable roof panel top.



    Does this "kit" actually include everything I need to install it on my car?

    Yes. Everything you need to install it and swap it out with your current top is included in this kit.

    Is this the blue roof panel for the C7?

    The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that the panel is only blue from inside your Corvette. The panel actually appears to be black from the outside. It is why the pictures we have the product seem to show a blue top while other pictures show a black top. It is the same top from different perspectives.

    Is the box strong enough to protect this item through the shipping process?

    The box is strong and well made. We have not had many problems with this part. However, we do put shipping insurance on the package just in case of something unforeseen happens. We also use straps to make sure that the item does not slide out.

    Do you ship this with insurance?

    Yes. We do. We want it to make it to you in one piece as much as you do.

    Do you actually inspect this time to make sure that it is not broken before it gets to my door?

    We inspect the roof panel to make sure that is a damaged product. We do this because we have received tinted roof panels that were damaged in the past. We also add bubble wrap to the box to make sure that it has extra protection as it makes its way to you.

    How big is this shipping box? I want to make sure that it will fit on my porch when the mail person leaves it there or I need to figure out if I need to make other arrangements once it arrives.

    The shipping box is 55x35x10 and it weighs around 25 lbs. It is a fairly large box that would be noticeable from the street if you were concerned about that fact as long as there were no other obstructions in the way.

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