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It is great to own a great car. However, one of the things that can seriously dampen your day is not having the ability to smoke in your car if you are a smoker or if you do not have the right equipment to smoke. A lot of people just throw their ashes out the window which is not always ideal for several reasons we will look at in another part of this article. You also may have a hard time keeping the ashes contained to an area you can control. One of the worst things you can do when you are a smoker is burning the interior of your car. You damage the interior and you lose value in the car that you will either have to eat when it comes time to sell or trade -in your car or you have to get it changed asap to make sure that your car is up to your liking when you drive it.

Another problem you might encounter, as a smoker, is losing your cigarette lighter. You might have lost it while driving or maybe you just misplaced it. Losing the lighter you own means that you will not be able to smoke at all. The best thing to do in this case is to make sure that you have one in reserve that you can use to keep going with your life. We all have looked for something while driving and we can all admit that it probably was not the best idea to do that while driving. If you have an extra one in a convenient place then you will be able to keep going without spending too much of your focus and attention on finding the missing item. You, in turn, are a safer driver and you will have fewer accidents over time.

Tossing ashes out your window could a detriment to your ability and the ability of other people to drive. If it is early enough in the morning or late enough at night then those sparks you fling out your window are going to look very orange and sparkly. It will distract the driver behind you for a few moments. It may not seem like a lot of time but you have to consider the fact that they are distracted in those moments and that means that they are less vigilant on other aspects of driving, in short, they are more likely to have an accident which is the last thing you want from a person behind you. There is also the small chance that flicking your ashes out your window could get into someone else's window which will distract them and it may even make them angry. Neither of those situations are ideal and should be avoided if possible.

Of course, the best reasons to have a smoker's package is to have replacements when you need them. You do not want to have to go search around your car to find them. You want them to be there so that you can find the other pieces at your leisure. If you are going to work or somewhere that is time bound then you want to get there as soon as possible. If you are like most people then you probably have a very limited amount of time in which to do things and anything that takes away from that time period could make you late. Replacements make sure you have that time you need and that you can take your time finding the missing products later.

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