Oldsmobile Dealer Parts vs OEM - What Is Really the Difference Between the Two?

Dealer Parts vs OEM - What Is Really the Difference Between the Two?

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Terminology in the auto business is difficult to understand sometimes because of the lingo that is used is not always clear. For example, the term OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. The term in most industries means that the brand you are buying from is the most likely the brand that is sending you that part or item. it is slightly different in the automobile industry. OEM means that the original equipment manufacturer or the company that the vehicle manufacturer uses when they make the car, truck, or SUV could be the one producing the part for you. The good thing about that is that the vehicle manufacturer or Oldsmobile, in this case, still holds them to the same standards that they would as if they produced the part themselves.The parts that claim to be OEM based have to meet or exceed those standards before GM/Oldsmobile will put their stamp of approval on the part and call it OEM. Yet, you would know that unless you know the automobile industry or have studied the word OEM in the industry and its meaning. If you want a simple explanation then dealer parts are the same as OEM parts. They both carry the same quality and are the same Oldsmobile dealer parts that would have been in the car, truck, or SUV when and if you bought the vehicle fresh off the line. 

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Aftermarket vs Dealer Parts

Aftermarket parts are parts that want to be dealer parts. However, they do not have an association with the company who makes the vehicle, GM/Oldsmobile, other than they make a part for the vehicle. The standards are not enforced on them and they may make a part that is equal to OEM parts but it might be worse as well. You could be potentially placing your life in the hands of a company who could be cutting corners or they may not be cutting corners it depends on the company and the part you are replacing. We love imitation items when it comes to fashion or video game controllers because they do not matter as much as when we talk about our modes of transportation. Cutting corners with aftermarket parts might work out for you or it might not it is very hard to tell which one it is going to be until you do it, however, the consequences of the choice could make it very dangerous for you and your family. Remember you could have good experiences but you could also have bad experiences. It if up to you if you want to try that route to get your parts.

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If you want to pass down this vehicle to younger generations or if you want to keep it as long as possible then you need to use parts that you know are going to work and will not damage your vehicle when they are used. The maintaining of value in this vehicle will also help you if you ever decide to trade it in because more value means more trade in value. It is in your best interest to get genuine GM Oldsmobile dealer parts for your vehicle. 

Get your genuine OEM GM Oldsmobile dealer parts by clicking the year, make, and model of your vehicle below. If you need touch-up paint then click here and follow the directions. You only need to know the year, make, and model of your vehicle to find out what paint you need.