Alloy Gator Duck - GM (GATOR-DUCK)

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Shop with Confidence Your information is safe
In-House Experts We know our products


  • University of Oregon Ducks Team Pride Alloygators

    Show your team pride for the Oregon Ducks with this exclusive AlloyGator Ducks Kit.

    What do I get inside of the kit? What colors are they? The Ducks have worn a lot of colors. Is there silver in there or is it the basic Oregon Duck colors? Id there a certain way I'm supposed to arrange the colors when I get them?

    The kit includes a total of 4 Alloygators that are green and yellow. There are actually 2 of each color in the kit. You can put green and yellow gators on each side, or front and back, mix and match whichever choice you want. It is all up to you and how you feel you want to show your team pride.

    How much does it weigh? What are the dimensions?

    The box will be 17x17x17 and the weight should be around 11 to 12 lbs.

    How will you ship this item? What shipping service will you use to send me this part?

    We will likely use FedEx ground or home delivery to send you your part. The difference or choice between the two is solely based on the address you want to receive the part. Is it a business address? if so then it will arrive via FedEx ground. Is it a home address? If so then it will arrive FedEx home delivery. If you are in close proximity to our storefront then you will receive your part via USPS priority.

    Is the box sturdy?

    The box is sturdy. We have sent more than a few of these out the door and had no complaints about the items being damaged during the shipping process. You should receive your package in good working order.

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