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Shop with Confidence Your information is safe
In-House Experts We know our products


  • Glove Plus Black Gloves - 100 Count

    All Sizes Available

    Looking for quality gloves at a decent price? You cannot go wrong with Glove Plus gloves. They come in 100 count boxes which means you will have more than enough to complete your project before you need to buy anymore, unless you are a very large operation, of course. However, if you need small, medium, large, or extra large gloves then we can get them for you and to you.


    How much does it weigh? What are the dimensions?

    If you are only ordering one then it will come in a 9x7x5 box. However, most people are not ordering just one of these and the most likely scenario outside of ordering one box of these is that the quantity will come in a 12x9x5 box. If you are ordering a lot of them then the box will change from order to order and it will be impossible to predict what size of box it will be when we ship it out. The 12x9x5 holds about 4 to 5 glove boxes if memory serves correctly. The weight of a box is 2lbs and 3.6oz for the 9x7x5 box. You can basically times that against how many boxes you want to order and get a reasonable estimate of how much the shipping box will weigh.

    How will you ship this item? What shipping service will you use to send me this part?

    It looks like 70% of the time this product leaves this store as a USPS priority shipment. The other times it is leaving either as a FedEx home delivery or a FedEx ground shipment. What decides which service is getting the package? The first thing is proximity. If you are close to use or within a reasonable distance of us then you will get your shipment from USPS priority in about 90% of cases. If you live a bit away then it will be a FedEx service which one is determined by the shipping address you want to receive your package. If you use a home address then FedEx home will deliver your product to your door. If you use a business address then you will receive your product via FedEx ground.

    Is the box sturdy?

    The glove box is not sturdy and would not last a trip from either carrier. However, the box(es) we use to ship the Glove Plus gloves to you are very sturdy. We have not had a complaint when we have shipped boxes to other customers.

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