Passenger Side Dash Pad for the C7.R

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IIf you are upgrading your car then you know that yo probably should upgrade more than your side. After all, half the fun of owning a C7 is impressing other people with it. The other part, of course, is enjoying the car yourself. But, you are not selfish and you do like impressing other people with your car. The other thing to keep in mind is that symmetry has a lot to do with beauty. If you have one side upgraded then you want the other half upgraded too because that will keep everything balanced and the wow factor at its absolute highest.

You have to admit that you do have to look over into the passenger side every once in awhile. You have to look over there when you are trying to get in the right-hand lane. You have to use the right side's mirror to see what is over there and if it is safe for you to cross over there. You will notice if your car lacks this once piece and it will distract you which is dangerous not only fo you but other people who might be in the car and those who are driving next to you as well. You can slowly upgrade your car if you want to but you have to eventually upgrade this area if you want to totally complete the upgrade. If everything else in your car is upgraded then the one place it is not upgraded will bother you. You want a total experience and the only way to get that is to complete the upgrade as it was intended to be done.

Of course, if you are only able to upgrade one thing at a time then you will have to make some decisions about what you will buy but there is nothing wrong with that fact. You can upgrade your car as fast or as slow as you like because you are owners of the vehicle. You pay for it and you are the one who chose it out of all the possible vehicles you could have bought. It does not matter what anyone else says because it is your car and you call the shots so you can upgrade it any way you like. It does not matter if you upgrade the passenger side or the drivers side first or last as long as you have a plan and you are executing that plan. 

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