​Passenger Side Lower Trim for the C7.R

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If you are going to go all out with your Corvette then there is no reason not try to go all the way with all the accessories. The lower side trim of the passenger side gets ignored often. It might be because people do not know that you can upgrade the area. In fact, the process of upgrading pieces of the corvette is somewhat trial and error. You are not given a manual about what you can and cannot upgrade. You just have to learn about the upgrade by chance, by seeing someone else who has the part, or you go out and look specifically to see what you can upgrade in your car. You might say that your ability to upgrade your Corvette is directly influenced by your ability to find out that you could upgrade the car at all.

Once you do figure out that you can upgrade things like the passenger side lower trim in your C7.R then it is off to the races. Let the first person getting the piece win because everybody else in that circle of influence, namely, yours, gets to be jealous and plays catch up to your new goodie. Of course, this is a heightened awareness of this fact when you realize that there are things like car shows. People who do these shows are in a constant arms race to see who has the best car or, at least, who has the piece that makes everyone else jealous and wants that piece too. At least it is a fun endeavor and there are friends to be made and friendly rivalries to be joked about over morning coffees or lunch meetings. 

You just do not buy the piece for competitions or the jealousy reasons, however. You buy it because you want to impress the lay person. The people who do not own a Corvette and want to ride in your car. You want to wow these people because a Corvette is a status symbol. In fact, there have been some UFC stars who have been known to get in trouble for driving around in their Corvettes and showing off the power of their engine to impress people on the street. You can do the same for people in the car. Not everyone has this upgrade and some people will never have it because they do not feel that they want it or they do not know about it. You can be one of those owners who does and gets to impress the people in their car with the extra splash of color and luxury this item adds to your Corvette.

There is a multitude of colors available for the passenger side lower trim. If you have a color in mind for your car then you can probably find a color that, at least ,goes with the color you have selected for your car. Keeping things in line with each other is a good thing unless you are intentionally trying to change the color of the interior to match the color of the exterior. If you do choose to do that then more power to you. It is your car and you make the payments so you can do whatever you like and you do not have to listen to anyone. You can find a passenger side lower trim for your C7.R that you will love and will go with what you already have planned.

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