Pontiac Bonneville 2005 Touch-Up Paint

They say that cars are just four doors and wheels. Yet, if you hold on to a car for a long period of time then that car becomes something more than just transportation. It becomes a member of the family and it is highly likely that you have named it. Maybe you have not, but that is beside the point because you can probably think of, at least, 5 different memories you have had in that car over the years. The thing about having a car that long is that it is going to get scratched and chipped at some point. if a family member got harmed then you would try to bandage them up and take care of them which probably means that the scratches and chips on this car bother you to no end. The way to handle those scratches and chips is to get touch-up paint. However, that has not always been an easy thing to do. Most car companies make you look for your pain code then the ask you to write down that paint code. You take that paint code and you ask for it in stores or you order it online. If it sounds like a long involved process then you are right. It is a long involved process. The other thing to notice here is the multiple touch points where human error can take over. If you miss one number, write the number illegible , or transpose numbers then you are going to have a tough time getting the right paint.

You can get the touch-up paint you need for your Pontiac Bonneville 2005 right here and you do not even need a paint code. All you have to do is select the right paint fo your car from the list below. 

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