Pontiac G5 Touch-Up Paint

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Having a hard time tracking down a touch-up paint for your Pontiac G5? Actually, it is not that surprising. The automobile industry does not make is easy for you to get what you need if you have a scratch or chip. The steps involved in getting the right paint can be long and difficult. Why? You have to be really careful about the code you write down because messing up one number could make the whole code invalid or will change the color completely. For example, a miswritten number like a 3 that is supposed to be 8 could be the difference between blue or red paint. 

One of the major things you could be worried about is the fact that Pontiac stopped making cars a long time ago. It certainly affected the likelihood of you finding parts and accessories for you vehicle. Why would it not also affect your ability to get paint? However, you will find that there is an abundance of paint out there. It sounds like that might be a great thing, yet, that might be a problem within itself. If you do not know the difference between OEM and aftermarket paints then you will have trouble choosing one over the other and they will both seem the same to you. The choice between OEM and aftermarket Pontiac G5 touch-up paint could decide whether or not you are successful in using touch-up paint. We are getting ahead of ourselves here, though. We have to look at all the steps before we start worrying about OEM and aftermarket paint.

The first thing you need to do is to find your Pontiac touch-up paint code. It sounds easy but it may not be easy at all. The paint code is found in different places in every vehicle. What is even more unnerving is that the paint code can be found in a certain place one year in a certain place and be in a totally different place the next year. You can already see the problem with the paint code idea. If you cannot find the paint code then you are unlikely to find the paint you need to fix your scratches or chips. It will make it extremely difficult unless you find a way to find the paint you need without the paint code. It is possible but highly unlikely in most cases. (However, if you own a GM vehicle, then you can click here and find out your Pontiac G5 touch-up paint.)

Once you know where your Pontiac touch-up paint code is then you have to write it down. It could be a problem in of itself because the paint code could be damaged, dirty, or inaccessible through damage or items that may be covering it up. The other thing you need to know is you that need to memorize where your code is supposed to be. The code is with many other codes and it is not often highlighted in a way that calls out to the fact that it is the paint code. You must be very careful to write down the code because of the reason mentioned before. If you miss one of the numbers then the code is invalid, or if you write down the wrong number then the code will give you the wrong paint.

Finally, once you have the paint code you have to make the decision between aftermarket paint and OEM paint. You may still be confused by these two words but we will fix that right now. OEM part is the same paint they used when they produced your vehicle. Obviously, this is probably the best case scenario. However, you could choose aftermarket paint but you have to realize this is not the same paint as the paint that was used to paint your car when it was produced. It is aftermarket because it was created after the marketing and selling of the vehicle began. It also means that the company selling the paint does not have anything to do with the vehicle manufacturer. The standards of the paint are not the same. It is true that an aftermarket company could have equal or greater standards, however, most of them do not. The problem with the aftermarket industry is that the quality of the paint or part is solely determined by the company itself. The vehicle manufacturer is not involved and the standards they set forth are not followed. If you are looking for a paint that will work the first time you use it and the same color as what you want then you should use OEM paint for your Pontiac G5 touch-up paint. 

Ready to get your paint without needing a paint code? The only conditions you need to fill are 1. you want the paint for a GM made vehicle (Pontiac, Hummer, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, or GMC), 2. you know the make, year, and model of the car. If you have those fulfilled then click here and follow the directions of the page that opens after clicking the link. If you need other parts then click your vehicle's year, make, and model in the form below.