Pontiac GTO 2005 Touch-Up Paints

The Pontiac GTO 2005 has long been known as a muscle car and it probably one of the reasons that you bought one. It has a long history of being impressive and being a car to own. In fact, it was named Motor Trend Car of the Year in1968. We all know what happened to Pontiac in the years since that time period. You still have your GTO and the fact that you still own it probably means that you love the car. There are probably more than a few memories tied to the car that you want to keep. The problem with having an older car is that the older car has seen enough days to have its fair share of scratches and chips. If you love your car as much as we think you do then you probably have these things weighing heavily on your mind. You can fix those scratches and chips with the right touch-up paint. Of course, that sounds easy in context, however, that is not always the case. The truth is that finding the right touch-up paint for your car can be downright difficult. The first thing you have to do is to find the touch-up paint code. After you find the touch-up paint code you have to write down that code accurately. If you transpose any numbers then you might be getting a red paint instead of a blue paint which is not what you want happening to you. Once you have the code and you write it down accurately then the next thing is to use that code to find the right touch-up paint. You either have to type that paint code into something or you have to tell it to someone. Again, if you misread or mistype your paint code then you are getting the wrong paint. The other person then has to use that code to find the right paint for you which introduces another layer of possible human error.

What is the way to skip all of that worry and possible problems? You are actually doing it right now. You can skip all the problems and work associated with paint codes by looking at the colors below. These are OEM paints or paints that would be put on the car if the car just came off the line today. Do not hesitate and get your touch-up paint below today. 

Vehicle Filter
Part Number: 19330210
Replaces: 12346753
Description: GENUINE GM ACDELCO RED HOT TOUCH UP PAINT (GHY, 687F, 62U, GHY, WA687F) Previously sold under part number 12346753 More Info

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