Pontiac Vibe 2005 Touch-UP Paint

The Pontiac Vibe was a nice car that blending the room of a bigger car with the style of some of the smaller cars. It was appealing to several people who were just on the cusp of needing that room or starting a family. In fact, the product worked so well that many people who bought these models still have them and they run pretty well for having aged as much as they can. Of course, any vehicle of this age is going to have a few nicks and scratches. Owners hate these little blemishes because the car becomes more than just a vehicle. It is a family member and no one like to see their family member with cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, many people think that maintaining the paint job of a vehicle is difficult and they just put it off for the next day. Luckily, the use of touch-up paint pens is fairly simple. The real challenge with touch up paint is actually getting the right color because of a method of selection that has to do with paint codes. There are several places to error in the paint code selection method. You fail to find the number altogether. You can fail to write down the code correctly. You can also fail to tell the other person who is getting the paint code for you the code in a way that they understand. You may even mistype the code on the internet. Most of these mistakes usually mean that you are going to get a color that does not correspond with the type you want. Sounds horrible? It really is horrible. What do you do instead? You use a system that does not require a paint code and you are currently looking at one. All you have to do is look below and find the paint color that matches your car. You do not need a paint code. It cannot get any simpler than that for you. 

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