Pontiac Wave 2005 Touch-Up Paint

The Pontiac Wave was a name of a vehicle in Canada. It seems as if the Chevrolet Aveo and the Pontiac Wave were pretty much the same car with a different name. The difference lied in where the car was sold. If you were in Canada then you knew the name as Pontiac Wave if you were in the United States then you might have known this car as the G3 or possibily the Chevrolet Aveo. Either way, it does seem somewhat confusing as to which vehicle name you are supposed to use. Therein lies the problem with getting touch-up paint for this particular vehicle. The various names have made it difficult to actually find the paint for your car on top of it being difficult to get paint for your car because of paint codes. We have talked about this multiple times on this site but paint codes can be a cause of many problems associated with getting the right touch-up paint for your car. Luckily for you, the need for a paint code has been eliminated. You can easily use the system we have created to help you get to this point or you can just find us on the search engines. Either way, you have found a way to skip the need for a paint code and all you have to do to find your color is to look below and select the right one for your account.

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