Primed Rear Spoiler Cadillac CTS 2015

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If you have your nice car then you have to finish the look. What finishes the look of a vehicle? A spoiler. A spoiler is so ingrained in our mind when we think about cars because they are on every car we see in the movies. If it is a fancy or sports car then it has a spoiler. In fact, the reverse is probably true. If you thnk about a car that is fancy and maybe a little run down in the movies then you can probably guess that it does not have a spoiler on it. A spoiler is almost like a division between a nice car and a junker in the movie industry. If you have a spoiler then you should be seen as a car that turns heads, if you do not have a spoiler then you should be looked down on or not noticed. You do not want to be part of the latter group so getting a spoiler is a great thing to do.

Of course, that is only what Hollywood teaches us. We do not go to movies for a reality point of view save for a few movies where the point is realism. We go to the movies for the suspension of belief. The reality is that if you have a nice car then you have a nice car. A spoiler only enhances that fact. The importance we place on items is up to you and sometimes it only matters what those items mean to you. For example, maybe your grandfather had a Cadillac too. Perhaps one of your fondest memories is him driving up in their car and the first thing you could see was the spoiler on their car. It might be the reason why you want a spoiler. You want to honor your grandfather with the item then you should be able to do that with your car. If you just want the spoiler to look fast even when you are not driving then you should be able to do that too.

There are more than cosmetic reasons to get a spoiler, however. A spoiler is like most things that are considered accessories for vehicles. They had their place in the racing world and people thought they looked cool and wanted them for themselves. Spoilers help direct air flow so that a car or vehicle is better able to handle the stresses of driving. You have all sorts of forces acting upon your car when you drive including things such as downforce. A spoiler helps change the angles and direction of air. A properly designed car with a spoiler can go much faster than the same car without a spoiler. In fact, there are types of spoilers that actually increase drag which sounds counterintuitive but that drag might be useful for traction and turning. 

Either way, you slice it or, for whatever reason, you might be getting a spoiler it is all a good reason because it is your reason. You are the one who pays for the car and you are the one who drives the car. What you say should go as it relates to your vehicle. You can get your primed rear spoiler for your Cadillac CTS 2015 and enjoy the benefits of that decision as much or as little as you please. 

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