Professional Racer Pulls Video Game Shortcut Trick - Ends Up Costing Him

2017 Le Mans showcased one of the most exciting finishes we have seen for awhile. The interesting part about this race is how the finish actually occurred and how the strategy of one driver, in particular, influenced the outcome. Team Corvette was in the lead when, by accident or by decision, the driver decided to cut across the track into the dirt and coming back onto the track. He successfully gained a good lead and it left many people wondering if the driver would be penalized for doing such a thing. However, it did not end up mattering because the vehicle was damaged from the shortcut. Team Corvette did not win the race.

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Key Takeaways;

1. Team Corvette had the lead at Le Man's in a very close race.

2. The driver of the Corvette took a short cut through the dirt to get a wider lead on his competitors.

3. The dirt actually damaged the Corvette and Team Corvette did not win the race because of the damage.

Quote: "Taylor’s final laps felt like the world’s most high-stakes game of keep-away from the No. 97 Aston Martin Vantage of Jonny Adam. Adam was practically tailgating the Corvette in spots, forcing Taylor to answer back with clever defensive moves." (Schrader, 2017)

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