Questions To Ask Before Buying a C7 Conversion Seat Kit for Sale

What Should You Ask Before Buying a C7 Conversion Seat Kit for Sale? We Tell You Below.

A QA process is not something that exists for every company that sells seat conversion kits. In fact, most companies do not have one and send you a whatever they get in the front door without looking at it at all. We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves because you might be wondering, "what is the QA process?" A QA process refers to quality assurance. It is what we do to make sure that what you are getting is what you should get. It does not exist in every product because there are hundreds of products and shipments leaving every day. It would be nearly impossible to QA every product, however, when it does make sense we do it. It is not to say that there we do not look at every part before it leaves but there are certain ones that need more attention like a C7 conversion seat kit.

1. The first question to ask is if anyone checks to make sure that the seats are actually a left and right pair and if they are checked for accuracy. We will be honest here and mention that we only discovered this was an issue after it was an issue. Every seat kit that leaves this store now has been checked to make sure that you are actually getting a left and right seat thanks to that experience. You should expect that from anyone who sends you a seat kit.

Question about the previous paragraph from a reader: Does that mean that you open boxes before they leave?

The answer: Yes. If we have had problems in the past with an item then we might open the box to make sure that you are getting a quality item. If the box looks smashed then we check the part before it gets to you. In fact, we reject around 1 to 2% of the items we get in the store before they get to you. It does cause more lag time between you getting the part but you do not get a part that looks like it was dragged behind a car for a few miles. If you do not care about that then you can let us know, otherwise, we will check for damage for you if the box looks bad or if we have had bad experiences in the past., If you are really worried about it then you can call or write us and we will make sure to look at your part before it leaves.

Note: Design on Seat of the Corvette is Only Available on the Blue Conversion Kits

2. How is the kit packed? The problem with a lot of other companies is that they throw their items in the box without thinking about how those parts will interact with each other over the course of the journey to your home or business. There is a certain way to pack the kit to make sure that is no damage to your product before it arrives. You might want to ask the company you work with if they have given thought to how things are packed before you order or you might have damaged parts before they get to your door.

3. Are the brackets bubble wrapped? If you have your seat covers and metal brackets in the same shipping box then you have to worry about those brackets damaging your covers. You should ask if they have a plan for that possibility. The way things are packed certainly help this but also making sure that you have extra protection is a great thing.

4. The question we hear a lot from customers is, "where are my bolts?" We have an answer to that and it is how we pack it in the box and where we pack it in the box. Your company of choice should also have a plan for this situation. You should be able to find what you need easily and quickly so you can get the job done.

5. Does your company of choice help figure out how to install the kit? We have a whole page dedicated to just that and it includes pictures. Your company should do the same as well.

The paragraphs above are a great start to finding out which company you should work with when buying something like a seat conversion kit. The advice here should help you avoid a bad situation where you either have to send the kit back to get a refund or be completely unhappy with the condition of your conversion kit when it arrives at your door.

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