Reclaiming Fun and Relaxation With 3-Inch Hitches

Owning a truck is a great thing. You have the power and the capacity to haul a lot of items. Of course, there is a downside and that downside is that other people also know that you have that power and capacity. Yet, it does not override the fact that you love your truck and its ability to do things. The one thing you might have encountered as a problem is that you have a hitch type that is not as well supported as the other sizes of hitches. It probably felt terrible and you have been waiting for a good solution to your problem.

If you have been looking forward to getting a Weigh Safe hitch then you might have been disappointed to learn that they did not have a hitch for your specific truck. However, that all has changed now that Weigh Safe has decided that they are going to enter the marketplace with two styles of hitches they produce. One of these hitches is the one they are most famous for in the marketplace. The Weigh Safe trailer hitch with the built in scale is a fan favorite and the core of their current business model. The other is a double sided ball receiver hitch it aims to provide the opportunity for quick changes between two ball hitches. Either of these two hitch types is useful and may even be essential in certain situations. It all depends on who you are and what you need at the time.

Obviously, if you are forced to choose between hitches then you should get the regular Weigh Safe hitch. Why would you do such a thing? A Weigh Safe hitch makes it safe for you to haul equipment around. You will know exactly how much weight you are trying to tow and that fact alone will make sure that you avoid the dangerous situation called trailer sway. Trailer sway is not only dangerous for you but anyone around you. The list includes your passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. If you want to avoid problems then this is one number you must know anytime that you go anywhere. Towing capacity is not something you should guesstimate is something you have to keep in mind so that everyone around you is safe. A hitch with a built in scale is the best thing for this and it will allow you to have the fun you deserve without the extra worry.

If you are forced to do work then you might as well be prepared so that you do not have to stop and do more work to get the work done that you already have on your plate. There are times when having a different ball receiver size is necessary and for those people in that situation there was no easy fix. Luckily, companies have started to produce double sized hitches with varying sizes of ball receivers. Weigh Safe has begun to produce a set just like that and all you have to do to change the size of the ball receiver is flip it 180 degrees and reinstall it. You should keep in mind that the size of the ball receivers is fixed. You cannot change them. But, if you find yourself needing different sizes of ball receivers then you should keep in mind the 180-degree hitches by Weigh Safe. 

If you are looking to reclaim the fun and excitement you had when you first purchased the vehicle then you should look into getting one or both of these hitches. You can save time, be safer, and rest easier knowing that you have well-made and useful hitches that will fit your needs. 

Click here to take your pick of the 180-degree Weigh Safe hitches or the Weigh Safe hitches with the scale built right into the hitch itself.