Roof-Mounted Force L 624 Luggage Cargo Box Carrier by Thule for the Buick Encore 2015

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We talk a lot about increasing the storage in your car without having to increase the size of your car a lot. However, you have probably realized that one of the unfortunate things that happen when you do such a thing is that things can get dusty, wet, snowed on, or whatever else the weather has decided it should throw your way that day. You have to find a way to cover your materials or stuff when you carry them on top of your car because is there no barrier between them and the weather. You could get away with it if weather conditions are perfect or you like soggy pants. You might have even resolved to only carry things that can survive the elements and do well no matter what it hitting them. However, you likely bought your carrier to experience freedom and really does not feel like freedom at all.

One of the advantages of the cargo box style carriers is that it protects your stuff from the elements. It was designed to keep ou the wetness of the rain and also the possible dirt and grime that could get on your luggage or whatever it might be on your car. Not only do you get more storage but you get a way to keep that stuff from getting wet or dirty on the way there or the way back. If you have owned a carrier in the past then you probably have had the wind and rain do a number on your belongings. You can put that to a stop if you cover your items securely or use something designed for the job like a roof-mounted Force L 624 luggage cargo box carrier for the Buick Encore 2015.

You cannot forget about all the normal benefits of using a roof mounted storage device. Do You want more space? You can get more space and the extra space is on the outside of your car which means that there is more room in the car. The added bonus is that the storage is covered and it has some sturdiness to the cover. It is not just plastic thrown over the top. Flying rocks and other debris will not rip through the material very easily which means your stuff is much more protected than it would be if you just covered it with some sort of softer material.  

If you are one of those people who are worried about aerodynamics then you do not have to worry as the cargo case is shaped to have as little impact on that aspect of your driving experience. The design is made so that it directs the airflow the correct ways in order for you to maintain your driving enjoyment and speed without being a giant box that is not rendered well enough to direct air flow. A giant square box is going to be interruptive to the direction of the airflow that car already has from its initial designers. A cargo carrier like this will help you maintain that airflow direction while still providing the benefits as outlined in the paragraphs above this one. You really are getting the best of two worlds. 

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