​Roof-mounted Kayak Carrier

Roof-mounted Kayak Carrier

A little adventure is what everyone seeks. You just might be seeking more adventure than the rest of us. You love to Kayak. There is something about the water you love. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that other than the Kayak you have to use is kind of hard to transport. It is sort of a pain to get it to go where you need it to go at times. It is large and most cars are not set up to transport it. You might have had to get creative with the way you transport the item. You might have bounded it up to your car. Yet, the prospect of doing that or the action of doing that is or was hair-raising. You are always risking scratching or damaging your car if you do not have an established way of getting it to sit on your car without damaging it. A kayak is a fairly solid piece of construction and paint is paint. It was not meant to be used as a buffer or protection against damage. It is there for cosmetic reasons only and it should not be relied upon when it comes to protecting your car from dents, chips ,and scratches. The product will fail you, therefore, not using a roof-mounted kayak carrier is asking for trouble. You will eventually damage your car through scratches, chips, or dents.