Sam Schimdt Shows Off His Driving Skills Despite Being Paralyzed

Sam schmidt was recently featured in Jay Leno's Jay's Garage. The race car driver was paralyzed from an accident on a race track. A special Corvette was built for him and it is worth over 1 million dollars. The State of Nevada issued him a license to drive the vehicle.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Sam Schmidt is a race car driver who was paralyzed in an accident during a race. 

2. A special Corvette was built for him and the State of Nevada issued him a driver's license to drive his special Corvette.

3. Jay Leno featured the car and the driver on his his show, Jay's Garage.

Quote: " In 2001 Sam was paralyzed when his race car went backwards into the wall at 210 mph. Sam's doctors were thinking he may not live the year but Sam defied the odds and currently lives life as a quadriplegic. What makes Sam even more unique is that he still drives race cars. Believe it or not, Sam has a custom built 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 valued at approximately $1 million." (Goldberg, 2017)

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