Saturn 2005 Relay Touch-Up Paint

A Saturn minivan? A lot of people thought this sounded like a dream. You get a good vehicle plus you get all those company picnics they used to show in their commercials. Saturn was touted as a different kind of car company. Unfortunately, it id d not contribute to their overall succ3ess as th they had to ultimately shutter their doors later on but their legacy live on in owners like you who still have the vehicle. 

Persevering the legacy probably is not the foremost thing on your mind. Keeping your vehicle up to the shape it was when you purchased it is probably on your mind a lot. The vehicle has been with you a long time and it has done an admirable job of getting you place to place. It has done a great job of transporting your family and it has done a great job of styaing around this long. You have done an excellent job maintaining the vehicle and it shows.

The problem with maintaining a vehicle is getting the right parts. You could go with aftermarket parts but we all know that the quality of those parts can be vastly different based on who makes the part. They could be great or they could be bad. The same thing applies to paints. You can get good aftermarket paints or you can get bad aftermarket paints. It is a toss up most of the time. The best way around the game is to get OEM paints.

OEM paints are held to a standard outside of the manufacturing companies control. THey might have their own internal controls but they must also adhere to the quality standards set forth by by the vehicle manufacturer. It is why, in part, OEM paints are more expensive. You can be reasonably assured that what you are getting is the right color. We all know that there are errors from time to time. However, the paint you could buy in Anchorage, AK should be the same paint as the paint you would buy in Norfolk, VA because of the standards set forth by the vehicle manufacturer. OEM parts, generally, mean that the paint that would be on your vehicle if it was manufactured today is the same as the one you would buy off the shelves or your favorite internet retailer.