Secrets of the Corvette or Camaro Wicker Bill Spoiler

A wicker bill spoiler is something that a lot of people want however some people might not know the functional reason for why they want it. In fact, most people have only heard the name "wicker bill" without knowing what it is exactly. We are going to change that for you so you can understand what you can do when you have a wicker bill spoiler. 

The truth is that wicker bill is the popular name for the "Gurney Flap" who is the person who innovated the use of the phenomenon for racing. The flap pointing upwards actually increases traction and allows people to have the ability to make tighter turns. It was such a big advantage that the inventor strove to keep the invention as quiet as possible. Gurney actually allowed others to copy the design but allowed them to try to improve the design because logic says that a flap that points up would only slow lap times. What the other people did was point the flap downwards which did not give them the traction advantage. They thought they were improving the design but they were actually causing themselves to have reduced performance times when compared to the Gurney flap or the wicker bill spoiler.

Nowadays people want the wicker bill because it is the thing to have on their car and they are either unsure or do not care why they would want it. A few smart people know the function and now you do too. If you were to race someone with a regular spoiler set up against your wicker bill spoiler then you would likely win. It assumes that you have the downforce on the front of your car to make sure that the car does not understeer.

Why do you want to know this information? It is always good to know what your car could do if you needed it to do something. Improving the performance of your car gives you more options if you ever have need of that increased ability to take a turn. Will you have to use that function or capacity? The answer is probably not but it is good to have it there if you need it there in the future. You never know when you might need it and having it there will give you peace of mind.

Is the wicker bill spoiler only for Corvettes?

The answer is no. You can get a wicker bill spoiler for a Camaro as well. It works equally as well and you get the advantage of being the guy or gal on the block with a wicker bill spoiler when no one else has even thought about getting one. You get a performance boost and you get the bragging right of telling your friends what the item actually does or you could withhold that information and keep it to yourself. It is all up to you and how you want to run things. If you are the one smart enough to look up the information and read it then you have the right to reap the spoils yourself. Maybe you want them to discover it or not discover it for themselves. 

In general, if you have a sports car and you want it to perform better than other cars in the same class then you really should consider the wicker bill spoiler your secret weapon. You do not have to tell anyone what it does other than it is a spoiler. It worked for the innovator so why would it not work the same for you? You know you can be faster than them in the turns and they do not have to know why you are faster. They only have to know that you have another spoiler and maybe they want one too. 

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