Set to Go Kayak Saddles by Thule for the Buick Encore 2015

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Want a kayak mount by do not want the look of the traditional kayak mounts? There is another mount type that might be perfect for you. The Set to Go Kayak Saddles for the Buick Encore 2015 might be the right kayak mount for you and your needs. They give you a variety of advantages that you may not have thought about before and they give you the added bonus of helping you stand out from a possible sea of other Buick Encore 2015 models.

Lateral stability is something you gain with this mount. The kayak is secured and less likely to move side to side when you use this type. A lot of the problems associated with transporting a kayak can be attributed to the movement of the item laterally. You can eliminate most of the problem by using this mount and making sure that your kayak is very secure in its slot. You will be far less likely to sustain scratches and chips. You also get the benefit lowering your possible damage to your kayak. You do not need to worry about the condition it will be in when you get to where you are going because you will know that it was safe and secure and it did not scratch your vehicle on the way.

It also looks very unique and there are fewer people who own this style rather than the other style. We always talk about standing out when you own a vehicle on this site. A set to go kayak saddle for the Buick Encore 2015 is a good way to make sure that you stand out amongst other Buick Encore 2015's who also have kayak carriers.You will get noticed if everything else is otherwise equal to the other person's car and your own. You get other benefits from that action as well such as being able to tell your car from the other people quickly. Why would this be useful? We have all lost our cars in a parking garage and you may have tried to open someone else's car instead of your own because they look too similar to each other. The situation is far more likely if you do not have a car locator button on your keychain. Yet, it could still happen even if you do if the two cars are parked close to each other. Your might as well differentiate between yourself and other people as much as possible to make sure that never happens to you. 

If you are an avid kayak fan then you definitely need a mount for your kayak or the kayak you will get in the future. A mount allows you to take more trips and have more fun. If you want to stand out from the crowd, have fun, and increase your lateral stability then the set to go kayak saddles made by Thule for your Buick Encore 2015  is the perfect mount for your needs. You will get all that and you will not scratch or chip your paint which is saved money which you can use to go on more trips later. 

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