Show Your Team Colors and Protect Your Wheels

One of the best ways to show your love for a certain team is to sport their colors. In fact, many teams are synonymous with their colors. The Lakers are known for their purple and gold. The Broncos are known for their blue and orange. The Trail Blazers are known for their black and red. A little closer to home for us is the Ducks who sport green and yellow. Any sports fan has the instant reaction to a color scheme. if someone is wearing black and silver then they might be construed as a Raiders fan. If you want to show off your love for a certain team then sporting their colors is a great way to do it.

Have you thought about sporting your team's colors on your wheels? Most people have no way of doing without getting colored wheels or specialty rims but you can do it very quickly and easily with AlloyGators. AlloyGators protect your rims from damage. Yes, you can sport your team's colors on your wheels and get them protected at the same time. In fact, it might look very cool to have your team's primary and secondary colors displayed on your wheels and your wheel protection. 

Why would you use AlloyGators in the first place, other than the aesthetics of the product itself when used on your wheels? Have a look at the product in action below.

You can clearly see the product take the damage from the curb. You can also see the clear green outline it makes around the wheel. Perfect for a sports fan to display their affection for a certain team. You can get your teams colors and protect your wheel all with one. You choose what colors go where and you get to choose what wheels get which colors. Sporting your favorite team's colors has never been so functional and stylish at the same time. In fact, other people who see your vehicle will probably be jealous because you will be the only one sporting the color sets.


Are there custom color combinations? My team is not represented here.

Yes. We can do a custom color match. Contact us by phone, email, or live chat. We will do our best to get what you need.