Side Window Deflector for a Buick Verano 2015

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Side window deflectors are an interesting piece because they are a piece that somewhat does not make sense to some people and they are sometimes difficult to get because they could be legal or illegal in some states. It is a good point to mention right in case you did not now. You have to check your state's laws before you get these items because they might not be allowed? Why? It mostly has to do with tinting of the windows especially as it relates to the windshield. Some of the states have very strict laws about how much your windows should be tinted and also what you can use when it comes to blocking the view of the windshield. The truth is that the window shield phone holders that people have are actually illegal in some states. It is best to contact your location's city and state laws as it relates to the use of anything that potentially blocks the driver's view of the road.

If you keep that in mind then you might still be wondering what these items do for you. They basically do what a hood protect does for your hood. It protects you against wind and elements that would otherwise get into your face if you did not have them. You might think you can do without that and might be true. However, you must consider the possibility that any one of these things could potentially blind you or stun you enough to have an accident that not only hurts you but people who might be riding along with you or people who might be driving next to you.

You might think that you are out of an area where the weather is a problem or it is a season where it is not a problem. The immediate danger is always wind. The wind not only has the potentially of blowing directly into your eye which can cause them to feel dry for a second. It also means that it could carry something into your eye which would be much worse. You can be blinded in either case and have a hard time driving. The other scenario which we all hate is the wind could blow an insect directly into your vehicle and possibly into your face. Either one of these two scenarios is highly distracting and one is gross in addition to being very much a moment in which you would be stunned. You would have to react which makes it easy to miss the visual clues you might have otherwise paid attention to otherwise. 

Of course, if the wind can do bad things to you then so can the rain or other pieces of dirt or grime. No one wants the random pieces of dirt, grime, or rocks to be anywhere close to our eyes. Yet, that might happen if we do not have the proper protection to block it from happening to us then it might happen to you. There are no guarantees as far as that is concerned but we are talking about reducing the risk of having problems. Any risk as it relates to a car wreck is too much risk and reducing that risk is always a good thing to do.

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