Smoker's Package | Buick Encore 2015 Ashtray Assembly | Lighter

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Buick Encore 2015 drivers know that they have a nice car and they want to keep it that way. The problem is that want and smoking usually do not mix very well especially when you do not have the proper equipment to smoke. Many people go to old standby which is smoking out the window. It does serve the purpose but it gets annoying when the weather is doing something other than giving you some sunshine. If the wind is blowing then you can blow the ashes right back into your face and hair. If it is cold then you probably will not enjoy smoking that much as your arm, face, and anything else exposed to the weather gets cold, and snow is also a possibility. 

The best way to avoid all of these problems is to get a smoker's package that includes the ashtray assembly and a lighter for your Buick Encore 2015. Putting your ashes somewhere else other than your window is a good thing. You expose yourself to fewer elements and you also make it safer for you to drive. How does an ashtray do this for you? If you smoke out your window then you probably fling your ashes which look like shiny fireflies to the person in back of you until they hit the ground and explode into a few different pieces. You have probably been behind someone while they do this action. You might have even thought it looks cool. However, the fact that you have that memory and it is vivid probably means that when you do the very same thing then there is someone behind you who might be thinking the same things as you and watching the ashes hit the ground. The whole time a person does that and experiences those emotions and thoughts is all time that person had less attention fixed on the road. You can help yourself and other people avoid accidents by having somewhere to put your ashes that does not attract attention to itself. 

The other thing that can distract you is if you lose your lighter. Losing your lighter can be annoying to downright dangerous if you have lost it while you drive around. You do not have time to grab this object or if it hot when you do grab it then it going to cause you trouble. It can not only distract you from driving but it can also damage the interior of the car. Being distracted by your lighter can be put off by having a spare one on hand when you need it. If you lose one then you can easily switch to the other and not have to worry about finding the other one quickly. You can use your spare lighter to make sure that you can have the cigarette that you are dying to have while you are driving. It is one of the reasons they include a lighter with the smoker's package. If you want to smoke then they want to make sure that you have everything you need to do that in your car.

Finally, you get the ashtray. The ashtray is an important component of the equation for many of the reasons listed above this paragraph. You make things safer for you and anyone behind your car. You also keep your mess contained to an area where you can clean up easily. We all know that ashes can and will get everywhere. You might as well keep them in an area where getting everywhere does not matter and you can easily clean it out when necessary. An ashtray is essential for anyone who smokes and owns a Buick Encore 2015 model.

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