Smoker's Package for the Buick Enclave 2015

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One of the modern conveniences of cars is the ability to modify the car for whatever it might need to do for the user within some reason. We still have not developed, at least a consumer version or non-secret version, a flying car or amphibious car for mass travel reasons. But, if a person wants to smoke in their car then we have things that will allow them to do that without needing to drill holes or get an auto body shop involved in the process. Modern convenience needs to be simple to use and simple to operate. Luckily, these items are and they are not even that expensive when compared with other accessories you can get for your vehicle.

The installation of a smoker package for the Buick Enclave 2015 is very easy. It is designed to fit in the cup holder of the Buick Enclave 2015 and acts as the ash tray for the user of the time. It can easily be removed as well because it says in the cup holder as if it was a cup itself. The only thing to keep in mind is to be careful when removing the ash tray because some fo the embers still could be hot depending on when you remove the ash tray. If they get spread around your car or other flammables then you may have a problem on your hands. You do not want to damage the car, any flammables, or yourself when you remove the item. The item does have a lid, however, but most people will not use that in an emergency or when they are just generally in a hurry. It is human nature to try to take a shortcut because we believe that we are competent enough not to make a little mistake but we do, sometimes, make those mistakes and those are the times we can do harm to ourselves or our property. 

The design of this smoker package also goes with the design of the Buick Enclave 2015. It is also black which means it was designed to go with just about any color scheme you might have decided to use if you have customized the car at any point. Black goes with any color and this smoker package will go with whatever you might have going on inside your car. It also includes a lighter in case you have lost yours. If you smoke then it probably would do you well to have another lighter on hand in case the older one goes down or gets lost for some reason. If it gets lost then let us hope it was not hot or it could damage your car. 

People are making it harder and harder for you to smoke and the once place you get respite from that is in your car. You are going to need an ashtray, which the smoker package has, and you might need an extra lighter which this item definitely has included in the package. It also will match whatever decisions you have made on the inside for your vehicle. It fits easily into your cup holder and it has a lid to assist you when you go to empty the ash tray out. You may even want to buy two of these packages just to make sure that you always have one on hand if you lose the other.

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