Smoker's Package for the Buick Verano 2015 that Includes an Ashtray and Lighter

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If you own a Buick Verano then you know how much trouble smoking and driving can be at times. You can put your ashes out the window but not everyone appreciates that action. Some people are overly sensitive about their car and tend to get angry if the slightest thing hits their car. You did not need that stress that day but it came to you anyway. It would probably be a good idea to avoid that feeling again because it might have ruined your day. It is a still a good idea to get these items even if you have not had this experience. Avoiding this is a good way to keep your stress down and to have easier drives where you are not worried about someone following you home or where you going with bad intentions on their mind.

One of the key elements that this package includes the lighter itself. If you have ever lost a lighter then you know the problems associated with this action. You cannot light up and it eats away at you until you find the item or you get a new one. It is probably a good time to mention that if you still have one then it is probably a good idea to have another one in reserve just in case you lose it. You can continue on with your day without having to worry too much about where it went because the most likely time you will notice it is gone is when you are going to work. It is these times that we literally have no time to spare because we all like to take our time getting to work, for the most part, and we do not want to waste the extra time. 

We cannot forget the ashtray itself. The ashtray is likely the item you are looking for and it is well made for what you need to do. It fits right into your cup holder which is a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because the cup holders are designed to be easy to access for the driver or the passenger. They are not out of the way which means that you will have an easy time putting the ashes where you need them to go. You will not be flicking them into dangerous areas such as the interior of your car and you will not be distracted. The bad part of this design is that you will have one less cup holder. If you are traveling with someone or people then you have one less cup holder to share. Someone will have to hold their drink or get creative. 

If you are a smoker then you want and need this accessory. In fact, it might be smart to have two so that you have a backup in case you lose and item or in case one of them gets broken. It saves you time because you do not have to worry too much about it because you can switch to the other quickly without having to stress about it. Driving can be a stressful situation so making it as stress-free as possible is a very smart thing to do. It will keep you calm and it just might keep other people who are also driving calmer than if you were flicking ashes accidentally at them or their car.

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