Splash Guards - Rear Molded for the Buick Enclave 2015

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Splash guards should be an integral part of your safety structure. The meaning of structure in that sense is that your car is designed to be used a very specific way in a crash if it is a newer model of car. Most new cars are designed with zones that are made to crumple on impact. The one area that should not crumple is the passenger carriage. Passenger carriage means the area where the driver and the passenger ride in the car. Obviously, this is not an area that should be designed to crumple or serious problems will occur.

Part of the area that protects the passenger and the driver from being crumpled is something called the side rocker panels. The panels are meant to help stabilize the passenger carriage and are a part of the system that makes sure that the carriage does not crumple. If you want to be safe in an accident then you want the rocker panels to stay strong and stable. You do not want them eroding over time and you want them to say as clean and dry as possible. You might be getting the idea why splash guards are so important by now. Splash guards help protect the rocker panels from getting dirt, water, and other debris out of the system. We all know that dirt, water, grime, and other debris find ways into the tiniest of cracks which are not what you want for your rocker panels. You want them as clean and dry as you can get them because they help you stay safe if you get into an accident. Take care of the rocker panels and they will take care of you.

If you are going to get the front molded splash guards for your Buick Enclave 2015 then you are going to have to get the splash guards - rear molded for your Buick Enclave 2015 as well. Why? Generally, because your car will look strange if they only have the front versions. However, if you had to choose between the two, based on safety alone, then getting the front versions first is smart. You will want to get the back ones eventually. We are always talking cosmetics when we are talking cars or aesthetics. Everything you add to the car, at least accessory wise, will add to the aesthetics or cosmetic look of the car because that is what most of us car about first. For example, almost everyone wants to add a spoiler onto their car. We might be aware of the fact that it reduces some kind of air drag but that is not our reasoning for buying the item. We are concerned with how it looks over what it does performance wise. The reason this matters is that your splash guards - rear molded or front molded will only enhance the look of your car instead of becoming a detriment.


You get both the benefits of increased safety and increasing the aesthetics of your car. There is not much more you could ask from an accessory except, perhaps, increase the overall velocity of the car. Yet, this item or items serves a more important purpose which is protecting you from harm. If you ever happen to get into a wreck then you want those rocker panels to be as strong as possible and the best way to do that is to keep them clean, dry, and without erosion from what those elements could do to them. 

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