Spoiler Kit for the Buick LaCrosse 2015

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One of the first things that most people do to accent their car is to get a spoiler kit. We are all conditioned to think that a spoiler makes a car look much better. Whether we actually think that or if the case is actually true does not matter. If we see a spoiler then we automatically associate that with higher values than cars do not have spoilers. Something extra always gives the ooh and ahhs factor to any car and spoilers are the ultimate ooh or ahh accessory. If you want to upgrade your car to stand out from the crowd and have people be impressed with your car then a spoiler can do that for you quickly and easily. 

We talked about conditioning in the previous paragraph and it is a smart thing to keep talking about because perception is what you use to get the response you want. If people are impressed by something and you want to be impressive then you want to get the item or accessory that impresses them. If they have been conditioned over time to think that items are expensive or that people who have that item or accessory are special then we are obliged to think that way of anyone who has that item. For example, we think that anyone with a badge works for a company actually works for that company.

If we see a janitor wearing a "Janitor Stars" badge then we probably will take that badge at face value. We will believe that they work for that company whether or not that is true. You might think that you might question that the person actually works at that company and they might give you a phone number to call to verify. However, you might be missing the point and that "Janitor Stars" is not a real company. They could have easily given us the number to a friend and they could say that they work at that company without it ever existing. We have missed the detail of checking if the company really exists. It is this kind of presumption you can use to impress people quickly. Spoilers have this as mentioned before. Spoilers equal higher quality cars in the minds of most people. 

If you get into the game of upgrading your car then you know that it is a game where everyone is trying to one-up each other consciously or unconsciously. The game starts when you first buy the car and notice that other people are driving a car exactly like yours. The two possible responses are as follows the person looks at the other cars and thinks to them self, "that car looks just like mine," and then forgets about ti instantaneously only to remember that fact when they drive around and see other cars that are very similar to theirs. The other person thinks, "hey, that car looks like mine. I better get some items to make it unique because I do not want to look like anyone else." You opt into the game with the second answer in your head or something similar to that answer. If you are going to play the game then one of the essential pieces you must have is this spoiler kit for the Buick LaCrosse 2015. You need it to match other people who have it and to get better than those who do not have them. You change yourself from being the guy or gal who says, "I wish I had that" to a person who other people say that about on a regular basis. It feels better on the other side of the equation than to be the person who is envious.

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