Stingray Paint Color

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A very good question to ask is "what is my Stingray paint color?" The answer is not that simple depending on who you ask to give you the paint color. The truth is getting to the paint color is usually a very difficult task because of the automobile industry asks that you do a series of steps before you can even get your code. It is the steps that make it difficult to find the right paint. The steps are where many people give up and stop trying. However, we are talking about a Stingray here. Stopping the search for paint color means that you have unsightly blemishes on what should be a beautiful car.

The first thing you need to do is find your paint code. The problem with the paint code is that it could be in a place hard to access. You may luck out and find it. However, what is very likely is that you will find out where it was a previous year, but the problem is that the paint code is known to move from year to year. It may not be in the same place but you could get lucky and it could still be there in your model. Yet, this is only the first step in the chain and you have seen how it might go bad. We need to look at the other ways things might go bad.

Once you figure out where your paint code is then you have to write it down. You do not only have to write it down. You have to write it down perfectly or else you give yourself a chance of getting the wrong paint. How common is this? The answer is pretty common. The paint code sticker can be confusing and hard to read. In fact, there are have been people who have found the code was dirty or the paint had become smeared over time. If you cannot read or write the color code then you will have trouble matching the paint. If you get the wrong paint you will have to sand it down and then buy new paint. You have a Stingray. It should be kept as beautiful as possible and that includes getting the right paint.

You have to make a very tough decision once you have your paint code. You have to make a choice between OEM and aftermarket paints for your Stingray paint color supplier. You might not think there is a big difference but there might be a big difference. If you are looking for the paint to match up the first time then you definitely want OEM paint. OEM paint is the same paint you would get if you ordered the car new off the line. It is the same color as the paint on your car right now. You just need to have the paint code for that Stingray paint color and you are set.

What could be the problem with aftermarket paint? The important part to note here is that "could" was used. The truth is that aftermarket parts can and do supply quality parts, accessories, or paints. Finding those companies is the problem. In fact, you might find a company who excels that supplying a part, accessory, or paint and not do well delivering the others. Why? It is because the standards they adhere to are made up by the manufacturing company itself. OEM Stingray paint color companies get their standards from the vehicle manufacturer. They have to meet or exceed the standards put forth by the vehicle manufacturer. Aftermarket parts suppliers do not have to do the same. They can choose to cut corners or not to cut corners. It depends on how the company wants to operate.

Once you get through all those steps, problems, and decisions you can receive your paint and make the adjustments you need to make to fix your scratches and chips. You can see that multiple things can go wrong and do go wrong when the system is not as easy as people assume. What is the answer here? You make the system easier to use.

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