Team Corvette Drive Proud of What He Did at Le Mans

People can argue whether or not the Team Corvette driver intentionally or unintentionally took a shortcut in an effort to win. However, what you cannot argue is that they did well in coming from behind to take a spot on the winner's podium. The driver of the Corvette that did take third was quick to point out he is proud of his team and how they did accomplish that despite the circumstances and where they found themselves. 

Photo from: by Vision Sport Agency

Key Takeaways:

1. Team Corvette got close to another win at Le Mans.

2. The team came up just a little bit short at the end. They managed to come in third place.

3. The driver who came in third is extremely proud of his team and how they fought their way back to take third in a very tough racing situatoin.

Quote: "After being caught out by two of the safety car periods earlier in the race, the Pratt & Miller squad used a combination of strategy, pit work, and strong pace to jump ahead of the Aston Martin when Taylor got in the car for the final stint, setting up the dramatic dash to the line." (Myhren, 2017)

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