The Autosock Lifespan and Other Questions

What is the the Autosock Lifespan? Other Questions Answered as Well

Quick Answer:

AutoSocks, officially, have no known lifespan. The manufacturer says that they will last a very long time as long as the limitations of the product are respected.

What are the limitations?

The biggest limitation is the speed at which a person can drive. A person should not exceed 30 mph if they are driving a non-commercial vehicle. If you are driving a commercial vehicle then the recommended speed is 20 mph. Another thing to keep in mind is that these are not made to be left on a vehicle overnight. They may freeze to the wheel which ads another sheet of ice you would have to try to drive with or over. Ideally, you would let these dry overnight and then use them again. Finally, they are not made to be used on streets with no ice or snow. You should remove your AutoSocks and then drive over those streets. If you can follow those limitations and respect them then you will have an AutoSock that will last you for a very long time. 

What is the longest you have seen someone own one of these items?

Actually, one of our workers owns one of these and he has had it since last year with no problems. It was used extensively during the ice and snow storms of last year for up to 10 miles at a time. it still works just fine because the recommended usage was adhered to when in use.

How many times can I use this thing in a row?

As much as you want as long as you follow the outlines. It should last a very long time otherwise under normal conditions.

Can I throw this thing in my washing machine?

Yes as long as your washing machine does not exceed 100 degrees. You should also keep that number for the dryer as well. Keep in mind that the average dryer does its magic at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it might be smart to air dry your AutoSock.

My AutoSock is becoming hairier as I use it... Is that a problem? Should I be worried?

Actually, it is a common concern and the response to that question that is exactly what you want based on what the company says. "Textiles have a tendency to stick to snow an ice: When driving on non-dry surfaces, there is a thin film of water between the tire and the surface. AutoSock has tiny “hairs” that penetrate the film and connect the tires directly to the surface. With correct use, AutoSock becomes hairier and improves performance over time." (AutoSock, n/a)

Can I use an AutoSock with studded tires?

No. You should not use AutoSocks with studded tires. The durability of the AutoSock will be adversely affected by the studded tires.

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