The Good - Bad - And Ugly of Italian Corvettes

Ever wonder what a Corvette would look like if Italian companies designed them? Apparently, Corvette has wondered the same thing at different times during its history. You can get a good luck at the good versions, the bad versions, and the interesting versions in the link below. Some of the Corvettes had the full backing of Corvette at the time and some of them were just created by normal folk. Check them all out.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Corvette has worked with Italian companies in the past to make unique looking Corvettes.

2. The designs are a mixed bag of good, bad, and ugly.

3. Some of the Corvettes were built by general enthusiasts as well. 

Quote: "Indecisive design hobbled the Corvette at its introduction in 1953 as Chevrolet timidly attempted to interpret European trends while giving the car a distinctive American identity. Fortunately, designers eventually found their groove and established a signature style whose cues carry through to today’s Stingray." (Koscs, 2017)

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