The Hidden Treasure Map of Car Color Codes

A scratch on a vehicle can set forth a slew of emotions. Terror, fear, and uncertainty can reign over an individual because of a general lack of knowledge.However, it does not have to be that way if a person knows where to look. Pirates are well known for burying their treasure in preparation for a future retirement, in the same way, a paint code is an insurance against chips and scratches. A paint code is like a treasure map  to insurance or a paint that will make the problem disappear so that peace of mind can be achieved once again. However, paint codes also share other attributes with paint codes.

They are Mostly Hidden and We Work and Live Around Them Without Realizing They Are There

Cat hiding in the dark like a paint code

Unfortunately, most people do not buy a vehicle knowing exactly what their car color code is and where it is located. It is one of the last thoughts a person has when they buy a vehicle because none of us want to think about damaging the automobile when we just got it. However, the truth is that contingency plans should be set in motion right away for such a problem. The best time to ready yourself for scratches and chips is before they happen and while you have access to experts who can help you figure out what you need. You will be in much better shape if you ask and forget where they said it was than trying to find it later. It will be easier to remember something than to never have known where the code is located in the first place. 

Getting to the Code Could Be Very Similar to Digging Up Treasure

Car color codes can be extremely hard to access especially if you are a member of the older generations. You may find your code in the driver side door at times or in the glove compartment. However, the bending and twisting to find those maybe annoying at the minimum or extremely painful at the maximum. You may need help to find and write down your paint codes. Yet, you must make sure that the paint code is properly written down or else you could find out that you bought a pink paint when you wanted orange. Dirt, grime, and damage my interfere with you ability to read the code. It might be smart to double check it after you manage to write it down just to be absolutely sure that no errors or mistake were made.

Once you have the Code then you can determine if it bad or good treasure

We mentioned it above, however, it bears repeating here. Getting the right code is essential and dictates a lot of what happens next. You can still have problems if you choose a company who does not make a great touch up paint if you choose to use aftermarket paints for your vehicle. Yet, you could still have problems if you manage to write the color code down incorrectly. The two problems dictate whether or not the treasure, or paint, in this case, is good or bad for you. It is extremely easy to make a mistake, unfortunately, and that mistake could cost you another set of paint at the minimum and the cost of a professional paint job at the maximum. 

Forget the color codes and skip to the paint. If you have a GM made vehicle then you can use our color code system by clicking here.