Thief Attempts to Steal Corvette Wheels... Without a Jack

A thief recently tried to steal wheels from a dealership. Fortunately, he was caught by the security cameras. The police caught him and got a good look at his equipment. He had everything he needed but a jack. How he intended to remove the wheels is uncertain unless he had some sort of super strength.

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Key Takeaways:

1. A thief tried to steal Corvette wheels from a dealership.

2. The thief was caught on camera trying to steal the wheels.

3. The thief did not have a jack to use remove the wheels. 

Quote: "In a bit of humor, the report states the thief had all the essential tools to carry out the job, except one very important one: a jack. Did he expect to lift the Corvettes with super-human strength? We don’t know, but he won’t get a chance to try; the man was arrested and charged with possession of burglarious tools and larceny of motor vehicle parts." (Szymkowski, 2017)

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